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1: dot, point a very small circular shape; "a row of points"; "draw lines between the dots"
2: department of transportation, dot, transportation the United States federal department that institutes and coordinates national transportation programs; created in 1966
3: dit, dot the shorter of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code
4: acid, zen, battery-acid, pane, elvis, superman, dot, dose, loony toons, lucy in the sky with diamonds, window pane, back breaker street name for lysergic acid diethylamide

1: stud, constellate, dot scatter or intersperse like dots or studs; "Hills constellated with lights"
2: sprinkle, dust, disperse, dot, scatter distribute loosely; "He scattered gun powder under the wagon"
3: dot make a dot or dots
4: dot mark with a dot; "dot your `i's"